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What is a job?
A job is what you do for someone that they are willing to pay you for. Having a job is the most important achievement in most people's lives. We know we need a job to allow us to buy the necessities and, in some cases, the luxuries of life. But do we realize that accepting a job brings with it a responsibility to perform? And that our performance is important to the financial health and sucess of the company, as well as our co-workers? Unfortunately, this concept is not always understood. Just as the meaning of other every-day business terms like compensation, raises, absenteeism, attitude and growth are also not always fully understood.

Although these words are very familiar, many people, if asked, could not explain their meanings in terms of responsibilities, causes, and results. All employees should understand the basic words that affect their growth. It is very important for the successful achievement of personal work goals, as well as company financial goals.

To help people reach a better understanding of the real work world, Hutar Growth Management Institute has published a collection of job and business terms. You'll find it "tells it like it is." It provides a level of common communication for all employees and employers to start from. Easy-to-read, it explains work ethics, and the most commonly used job and business terms. You'll learn how important your daily contributions are to the growth of a company. And you'll learn how both employer and employee can win through better understanding.

Let the Job and Business Terms become your personal success guide. Use it to become a more valuable employee now or in the future. And earn more!

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